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The Little Mermaid

How often do you get to create the magic of theatre for children? Let alone Disney magic? Performing each show for The Little Mermaid brought me such joy. Every weekend I would look out in the audience at all of the little girls in their princess dresses, singing along to Part of Your World. For some of these kids, this is their first show they are ever seeing. Having children in the audience makes it easy for me as a performer to stay fresh and engaged in the story.

One of my favourite parts of this process was working with Adam Sergison. His warmth, patience, and creativity permitted me to be the best artist I can be. An interesting element in this production is the many different characters one plays. Adam helped me create specific movement for my mersister, chef, seagull, rainbow fish, and turtle. This was seamlessly accessible from scene to choreography. Thank you for challenging me and instilling confidence in myself as an artist.

Goodbye to another show. Thank you for the love and the magic!

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